About This Mommie

My name is Heather =)
*with a smiley face*


I’ve got a baby face & the soul of a 90 year old man.


I am a mother of two energetic children, and the only adult in my household.

I love good music, nature, making silly faces, being creative, encouraging others, going on adventures, telling stories, holding sleeping babies, watching the seasons change, laughing, impromptu dance parties, and sparkles.

I’ve been married & divorced, held office jobs, been unemployed, & nannied too. At times I find myself stuck in fear, but continually choose to make the decision to live in hope & happiness. I’m a believer, and I’m working hard to treasure every second of this messy journey, and do more than just keep my head above water. Although my life is not even close to what I pictured it would be, I intend to make the most of it!




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