Making Easter a Big Deal

So, we are in my favorite season..

Love Spring time!

Most people I know say Summer is their favorite season..  Not me!  Although, I like Summer, with my ‘see-thru’ skin, it’s too hot and too bright. ..and being a since-birth-west-coaster, I do enjoy the beach, but am not really a fan of sand in new places conisitently. Spring is just the right temperature, with flowering trees, a perfect breeze, and a kiss of sun. (Rolling your eyes yet?)  As everyone is complaining about daylight savings and how their schedule is all screwed up, I’m excited because it’s not dark after work, when I pick up the kids and head home.  I can actually let my son play outside (which he constantly asks to do) before or after dinner (depending on when it’s done cooking.. Sometimes it’s even BOTH!) without worrying about a coat or porch lights.  This is my happy time!
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