Making Easter a Big Deal

So, we are in my favorite season..

Love Spring time!

Most people I know say Summer is their favorite season..  Not me!  Although, I like Summer, with my ‘see-thru’ skin, it’s too hot and too bright. ..and being a since-birth-west-coaster, I do enjoy the beach, but am not really a fan of sand in new places conisitently. Spring is just the right temperature, with flowering trees, a perfect breeze, and a kiss of sun. (Rolling your eyes yet?)  As everyone is complaining about daylight savings and how their schedule is all screwed up, I’m excited because it’s not dark after work, when I pick up the kids and head home.  I can actually let my son play outside (which he constantly asks to do) before or after dinner (depending on when it’s done cooking.. Sometimes it’s even BOTH!) without worrying about a coat or porch lights.  This is my happy time!

With all that being said.. Can someone please tell me how it is almost Easter ALREADY?!?!  Thank the good Lord above for creating the person who created Pinterest.. I have been pinning away, since the end of February, onto my EASTER board.  This year, my son is now old enough to actually understand what is going on and the reason we celebrate this day every year.  You know, that bunny & egg holiday which is the most significant (in my opinion) to Christianity.  I remember my mom used to make a big deal about our Easter baskets when we were living with her.  One year she even made bunny prints through the house with flour.  ..and she worked away from home too!  After thinking and praying about all of this, I decided that being away from home & the kids all day was not going to stop me from teaching my son the reason for Easter, doing some crafts & activities, and having some fun in the process. (What was I thinking??!?!!?)

Resurrection Eggs | Purchase or Make your own

I like the idea of the Resurrection Eggs, but thought maybe next year (like most of my Easter pins) when both kids can be more involved in it, and we can do it as a family. If you are interested in doing this, you can purchase a kit (online or in most Christian book stores), or make your own.  If you are going to make your own (like I would, because buying one is not in the budget), here are a few I like:

12 Days Of Easter , Simple Easter Countdown , Preschool Resurrection Eggs , Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers , Easter Story Eggs

Keeping it a little more family (and neighbor) interactive this year, I decided to do Easter Egg Advent Activites. I’m pretty happy with the results so far..

Check out how that went!

Endlessly Creating.. ~Heather Rebekkah =)


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