My Monday..

What a way to start the week!

Little back-story: Hunnie was sick on Sunday, so we did not get to our household chores. AKA, the house is a small DISASTER! The day of being a ‘semi-single‘ parent tired me out. My hat is off to ANY PERSON who has raised small children by themselves!
So, I predictably over-slept on Monday, but knew I couldn’t pass up taking a shower based on how hot it was this weekend (don’t judge me, you know you have gone a day without one at SOME point). Therefore, with traffic, I got to work 30 minutes late. I realized (after the late fee cut-off time) we had not paid Pre-School tuition for the week. After getting our first (and last) free pass, and requesting my husband bring by cash as soon as he could, I got a call from the Ear/Nose/Throat office we were supposed to be visiting at 4:00pm. They wanted to reschedule our appt (which had ALREADY been rescheduled and switched to another practitioner once) up to 1:30pm. Normally, I try to be flexible (and especially since they said it was because the practitioner wasn’t feeling well), but this time I was a B! =\

I took a moment to ponder, and then I said this: “I’m really sorry to do this, but based on the facts that this has already been rescheduled once, I requested the afternoon off work for this (time of which I do not get paid), the travel time/distance between my work/my daughter’s childcare/your office, and that I already have made arrangements to have alternate care for my son,” (One of my dear friends, who has 3 kiddos of her own offered, without me asking, to pick him up, keep him until we were done, AND feed us all dinner when we got to her house) “I would like to keep my current appointment time.” Now, where I REALLY turned the B-Factor up, was when I followed up with this: “Is it possible for me to meet with someone else?  Because, I know when I’m not feeling well, I’m not at 100% at MY work.” She assured me it would be fine.

Hunnie got off work in time to pick BabyGirl up.  I was so happy to not have to drive back to our house to get her! Left work at 3 to meet them at a centrally located Starbucks (as to not add too much extra $$ on gas for the work van to our April Budget) by 3:15 (yes, I am geektacular, and did set events with reminders on my Google Calendar for each of these things). I got there before them, which NEVER happens, so I got to go in and get my beloved FREE Venti Ice Water. We got to the appointment at the check-in time, I had the paperwork already filled out so I didn’t have to deal with little grabby hands, and we waited. It wasn’t too long before the let us in the back. 

While we were waiting in the exam room, BabyGirl spilled most of my water. =( Two ladies came in the door, asked us some questions, and then started the ‘examination‘. They cleaned the wax out of her ears, confirmed there was fluid, and suggested tubes. She gave us a brief explanation of the surgery process, and gave us a packet for scheduling.

Quick & painless. Made it to the car in record time, when I realized I hadn’t validated. Back upstairs for me while the two got settled in the Wagon.
We were headed out of the parking structure when I realized I had left the DVD, that I was supposed to drop off for my weekly group, at work. Thinking fast, (like most mommies do) and not wanting to deal with downtown traffic, I called one of my friends from work. Thank the Lord she was still in the office and lives nearby. She was kind enough to grab it for me and met us at her house.  Plus she was excited to see BabyGirl (or as she refers to her: ‘My BooBoo‘). Half way into our drive to get TheBubbster and eat dinner, we realize we have to side track back to Starbucks, so Hunnie can pick up his work van. Where was my Calendar reminder for THAT?!?! Made it safely to the van, we give our kisses, and parted ways.

SHOOT! I should have slipped through the drive-thru to refill my water on the way out!

He headed home to drop off the van, I headed to Group to drop off the DVD. I picked him up and we drove down the street to have dinner with our friends.
Arrived to TheBubbster playing baseball outside, with the tip of his nose gray-from pressing it against the screen door. Dinner:Burgers(no buns for me)-Dessert:Watermelon-Yumm! Our families sat down together and enjoyed a meal as a whole unit. *SIGH OF RELIEF* Then Ms. H and I were off like a flash (late) to our monthly Worship Committee Meeting (the reason I was missing group and had to drop the disc). Had a nice conversation in her SwaggerWagon, and right when we were about 5 minutes from church, I get a call: “Where are the car keys?”
Stuff Sale is the BEST!
Yup! They are in my purse, on my lap. Way-to-go, ME! We offered a few ‘clever’ mom-gestions of how to get Hunnie & the kids home, but they ended up walking. *SIGH* Is it bedtime yet?
Had a good meeting, and when I got home, Hunnie said it was a nice walk and TheBubbster ran pretty much the whole way. That made me feel a little better.
Wonder what the rest of the week will look like.. Hope it’s NOT something like this:

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