Keep-"Pin" In Check

When I started on Pinterest (you know, BEFORE it was an app on everyone‘s phone *wink* and you had to actually be INVITED *double wink*), I only used it to plan parties more efficiently with my friends.  Now everyone and their mother is on, which does make pinning a more fun adventure, and has opened a vast of new ideas & opportunities into my life.

But.. It did bring up a dilemma for me.

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Nap Whisperers

Alissa at posted this question recently in a Community Q&A article post:

How do you keep a baby’s nap schedule when you’ve got multiple kids?


Moms Q and A - How do you coordinate nap schedules when you've got multiple kids?
Does anyone have any advice about coordinating schedules with multiple children? I have a preschooler and a baby and would love to to hear some different ideas about how to make our days work.   My biggest problem is that it is difficult to maintain the baby’s nap schedule.  Seems like it always gets delayed because we’re doing something with big brother. ~Leanna

Here was my response:

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My Monday..

What a way to start the week!

Little back-story: Hunnie was sick on Sunday, so we did not get to our household chores. AKA, the house is a small DISASTER! The day of being a ‘semi-single‘ parent tired me out. My hat is off to ANY PERSON who has raised small children by themselves!
So, I predictably over-slept on Monday, but knew I couldn’t pass up taking a shower based on how hot it was this weekend (don’t judge me, you know you have gone a day without one at SOME point). Therefore, with traffic, I got to work 30 minutes late. I realized (after the late fee cut-off time) we had not paid Pre-School tuition for the week. After getting our first (and last) free pass, and requesting my husband bring by cash as soon as he could, I got a call from the Ear/Nose/Throat office we were supposed to be visiting at 4:00pm. They wanted to reschedule our appt (which had ALREADY been rescheduled and switched to another practitioner once) up to 1:30pm. Normally, I try to be flexible (and especially since they said it was because the practitioner wasn’t feeling well), but this time I was a B! =\

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Thoughts for the Week

So, Easter was over 3 weeks ago, and I still haven’t written anything about the weeks leading up to, or the actual day. I think I managed to post some pictures on facebook, which was a miracle in itself. I have been working like crazy, started a weight-loss journey/lifestyle change, Hunnie & I have joined a Young Adult group (apparently we meet the qualifications) at church, the Bubbs started soccer, and BabyGirl has been fighting recurring Ear Infections. Plus, I’ve also been trying to keep up with household chores and find a little bit of time for a social life. I think I’m doing ok at the doggy paddle right now.. if only i could start the butterfly stroke.  But hey, at least I’m not drowning!

Assignments in Life

I ‘found’ this yesterday & felt it fitting to how I have been feeling

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Making Easter a Big Deal

So, we are in my favorite season..

Love Spring time!

Most people I know say Summer is their favorite season..  Not me!  Although, I like Summer, with my ‘see-thru’ skin, it’s too hot and too bright. ..and being a since-birth-west-coaster, I do enjoy the beach, but am not really a fan of sand in new places conisitently. Spring is just the right temperature, with flowering trees, a perfect breeze, and a kiss of sun. (Rolling your eyes yet?)  As everyone is complaining about daylight savings and how their schedule is all screwed up, I’m excited because it’s not dark after work, when I pick up the kids and head home.  I can actually let my son play outside (which he constantly asks to do) before or after dinner (depending on when it’s done cooking.. Sometimes it’s even BOTH!) without worrying about a coat or porch lights.  This is my happy time!
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